Defy Tucson offers a series of community programs.

Home Schooling Books n Bounce

Foster Care Family Night

Special Needs Family Night

Tucson Home School

Home School
Books n Bounce
(tickets only at park)

90 Minutes (non exclusive) use of conference room for study and 90 minutes of Flight Time.. .Only Valid Monday-Friday 10AM-3PM when Tucson Unified School District in Session. All school holidays and breaks are excluded. 

Tucson Foster Children

Foster Children 
Family Night

Once every month or two  from 6PM-9PM providing special discounts to recognize and support foster children in our community. Foster children and their family members may purchase 1 hour flight tickets for only $10 per person. Family members may observe on the attraction floor at no charge. 

Tucson Special Needs Families

Special Needs
Family Night

Once every month or two on a Tuesday from  600pm-900pm. Periodically, we offer special needs community members and their families, friends and caregivers an opportunity to enjoy an evening of fun, laughter and foam in a relaxed environment. We provide gentle background music and minimize our light effects to provide a welcoming environment. A one hour flight ticket is $10 per person; Attendants may observe on the attraction floor at no charge